Color Care


Black Volume Mascara

Cationic MMX Mascara

Creasil® 7 ID Mascara

Creastar® Eye Liner

Creastar® Palladium Mascara

Intensive Black Volume Mascara

Long Lasting Mascara

Shiny Matte Eye Shadow


Anhydrous Mousse Foundation

Anti-Age Foundation

Energy Lift Foundation

Loose Powder

Radiant Touch Foundation

Regenerating Foundation

Soft Foundation

Terracotta Powder


Crystal Lip Gloss (Acona)

Golden Gloss

Long Lasting Creastar® Lipstick

Soft Lips® with Creaspheres® Colours

Soft Lips® with Creastar® Primary

Sugar Butter Transformation

Super Shine Lips

Tefpoly® Long Lasting Lipstick

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