Sun Care

High SPF

Anhydrous Sun Cream

Baby Sun Cream SPF 50

Biomethics® Sun Cream (hot process)

Creasperse® Milky Screen SPF +100

High Protection Sun Cream

Luxscreen® Day Protection

Sun Milk in Cold Process

Waterfree Sun Cream


"1000 Minutes of Colour®" (White)

Day Cream with SPF & Colour

Eospoly® Sun Cream

Luxscreen® Sun Cream (Cold Process)

Sun Cream with SPF 30+

Sun Protection Fluid

Waterfree Luxcsreen® Cream

SPF Foundations

"1000 Minutes of Colour®" Foundation (Yellow)

"1000 Minutes of Colour®" Foundation (Pink)

Micapoly® Foundation

Repair Foundation

"Stradivarius" Foundation (colour)®

Sun Cream with SPF + 50

Sun Cream Color®

Tinted Sun Cream with SPF +50

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