Pelavie® range consists of natural bioactive materials. Pelavie® Silts are fresh water sediments whereas Pelavie® Peats come from wetlands. Both are rich in humic acids and other bioactive compounds. Pelavie® Clays are bentonites, which have a capacity to adsorb toxins. Pelavie® products are mostly used in mask applications or body wraps. They offer detoxifying, firming, regenerating and balancing properties.

Application sheet (PDF)

Skin Care Sun Care Color Care

Trade Name INCI Name
Pelavie® Black Silt Silt
Pelavie® Green Clay Bentonite
Pelavie® Green Silt Silt
Pelavie® Peat Peat
Pelavie® Pink Clay Bentonite
Pelavie® White Clay Bentonite
Pelavie® Yellow Clay Bentonite
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