Serisoft® is a range of colour composites based on sericite and various surface treatments. Serisofts®are also available without the colourants. The non-coloured Serisofts® can be used as texturizers and fillers in formulations containing Serisoft® colours. Serisofts® have a soft and smooth skin feel. Sericite is a mineral with similar shape and composition as muscovite mica, but in comparison with traditional mica based composites, Serisofts® give softer and more transparent application and they appear whiter.

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Color Care

Trade Name INCI Name
Serisoft® DF

Serisoft® DF products are treated with Hydrogenated Polyisobutene and Dimethicone, which give a soft feel and hydrophobic surface

Serisoft® FLWJ Serisoft® FLWJ products are treated with Soy amino acids and Jasmine flower wax. As the surface charge is modified, Serisoft® FLWJ particles create 3D-structures and hence they are ideal for volume compacting giving airiness and lightness to powder applications. Serisoft® FLWJs are suitable for natural cosmetics.
Serisoft® HB Serisoft® HB products have a Dimethicone treatment, which gives soft feel and hydrophobic surface characteristics.
Serisoft® LL Serisoft® LL products have a rich, creamy and soft feel due to the Lauroyl Lysine treatment, which gives a long lasting application.
Serisoft® LVS Serisoft® LVS products have a soft feel and skin care benefits due to the Lecithin, Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Squalane treatment. Due to the hydrogenated natural ingredients as coating materials, Serisoft® LVS colours are very stable against oxidation, and they permit to use skin care claims, such as anti-aging, in colour care applications. Serisoft® LVSs are ideal for natural cosmetics.
Serisoft® MSL Serisoft® MSL products are treated with Sorbitan Stearate, Glycoproteins and Isododecane. Serisoft® MSL is the type of surface treatment suitable for liposome systems, as it does not disrupt their structure.
Serisoft® SIL Serisoft® SIL products have a Methicone treatment, which gives softness, photostability and hydrophobic characteristics.
Serisoft® TZ Serisoft® TZ products contain a bio-polymer which reduces the size of sebum droplets allowing them to be absorbed by the Serisoft® composites. Serisoft® TZs have a long lasting, mattifying effect.
Serisoft® ZP Serisoft® ZP products have been modified to have positive surface charge at the skin pH of 5,5. This makes Serisoft® ZPs ideal for very long lasting colour care applications, especially eye shadows and blushers.
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